What others have to say about this technology.


I have a long and expensive story. I am 5' 8" and weigh 165#. My problem is sleep apnea. 9 sleep studies with interventions between each. Some of my adventures include CPAP (didn't work at all), $1400 jaw thrust device, UPPP (throat roto-ruter which includes removing the Uvula), trip to Stanford University for a scope, two part tounge rebuild followed by an abccess. My last treatment was a permanent tracheostomy tube and oxygen plus 2 medications for sleeping. Then a good friend of mine told me about this unusual machine and would like me to try it, so I flew to Chicago and tried it.
What a miracle it is!! I exercized with it and had a marvelous experience. No muscle twitching, no dyspnea (shortness of breath), my oxygen level actually went up. Since that went so well, I tried another sleep study, with little hope. In all of my other sleep studies I never had any slow-wave sleep (stages 3+4). I had the study without oxygen and keeping my trach closed. Within minutes I was in both stages 3 and 4 sleep. Another miracle!! I have found the only device that has helped, without cutting or expensive MD visits.
I should point out that I am a Repiratory Therapist and know only too well the outcome of severe sleep apnea. Thank you Mark and Bill.
Sleepless in IF.....B.H. Idaho Falls, Idaho

I was the victim of a work related chemical accident where by I ingested and inhaled toxic insecticides and pesticides resulting in lung and liver damage. I recovered completely using this atmospheric support. I am now completely normal. (F.R., Highland, Indiana)

I suffered from asthma as a young child and again as an adult. My doctor told my parents it was allergy produced and that I would “grow out of it”. The doctor even suggested to my father that he felt it would be best if we moved to Arizona. I remember being the first in the neighborhood to have a vaporizer and we used it in the fall and winter months and it worked very well. The vapor helped relieve my breathing and wheezing. And then, as the doctor promised, I grew out of “it”.

 Now, as a 50 plus year old person, I have been hospitalized twice in the last four years for asthma and related allergic reactions. I have been prescribed the usual inhalers and steroids until I was blue in the face, no pun intended. In November 2000, I was hospitalized for 5 days! I could not believe how lousy I felt, nothing seemed to work. I even developed steroid-induced diabetes during this stay.

 I went back to work the following week. This was not a good week at all, I felt miserable, some of my symptoms had returned. The wheezing, barely breathing, hacking cough was wearing me down. I was surely going to be readmitted soon. One of the doctors I work for knew of this cutting-edge machine and the man that developed it and said he thought it would help my symptoms. My employer got me in touch with the machine and William Ruff.

 After I had my first treatment, which was on a Friday evening, I could immediately feel the difference. By the next morning it seemed like a little miracle had occurred.

 Not only had I slept through the night (which rarely happens) I COULD BREATHE. I felt like I was a kid again. Energy galore! I had a second treatment that Sunday afternoon and have felt great since then. Now this is without drugs and steroids. What this machine uses is plain water - just water and enough heat to make the right kind of vapor that is gentle, natural and healing.  This machine was what I needed to improve my quality of life, sleep and most importantly, breathing.

My Sincerest Thanks,

M. K, CPC Valparaiso, IN

I cared for my father at home. He had several strokes. I applied this atmospheric technology after each stroke and brought him through each episode. The VNA nurses observed and charted his remarkable recovery each and every time. (F.R., Highland, Indiana)

There wasn't anything wrong with me, but I had seen this marvelous device work for an employee of mine with severe asthma. That is, she used to have severe asthma. I placed the small nasal prongs under my nose and started to exercise. I am so out of shape that climbing a flight of stairs makes me short of breath. I sprinted for nearly thirty minutes, my respiratory rate never exceeded 14 breaths per minute and I felt great. In fact for the next three or four hours I felt like a 15 year old kid again. As a clinician long experienced in respiratory therapy, I find this device to be most remarkable. (Mark Kime, Director of Cardiology & Neuroscience, Valparaiso, Indiana)

I have to start by telling you; I'm a heavy smoker -two packs a day. For the last fifteen years I have been unable to sleep in a reclining position. I just can't breathe if I lay flat. I tried the ABT Humiditherm to see if I could get some help. I only had one treatment and I could lay down with no problem, breathing normally. I could sleep out of my recliner and in a bed. This single short treatment had this effect for four days. We had used a similar treatment on our horses for years with terrific results. You have really got to try the ABT Humiditherm. (M.R., Peotone, Illinois)


Dog owner- Before use of the machine, my fourteen year old Schnauzer was in a state of constant near panting—short, quick, rapid breaths. While on the machine his breathing noticeably changed to a deeper, much more relaxed respiration. This elder pet will, without coaxing, place his face in a Styrofoam cup used as a makeshift facemask. He seems to know this type of humidification is good for him. D. R., Parker, AZ.


My name is W.P. I have emphysema and asbestosis. I was chosen to be a subject using atmospheric control technology. Much easier breathing marked my response to the therapy. Surprisingly, this benefit lasted more than the hour I was on this therapy. The entire next day was also better for me. I would do almost anything to avoid oxygen therapy. This works as well as my breathing medications with no side affects. It lasts longer too. I am pleased to have been included in this study. (W.P., South Holland, Illinois)

My father suffered advanced stage emphysema. His doctor had ordered hospice care for him, as he was unable to care for himself. Dad started the use of atmospheric control technology soon afterward. Within a short time his condition improved to the point where he could cut his own grass on his riding lawn mower. He was removed from hospice care. After six months on this therapy his oxygen saturation levels increased to the point that dad discontinued the therapy. Although he did not deteriorate to pretreatment levels, dad went back down hill. He died seven months later of pneumonia and pneumo-thorax.

I suffer from mild asthma and chronic sinus problems my self. I used this technology also. The first time I used it, I found lung capacity I never knew I had. It was like finding another lung. When I had the start of a sinus infection, I used this machine for one hour. The infection was gone the next day. Since the machine was returned, I have had to revert back to drugs to control my asthma. (M.P., Kenosha, Wisconsin)

I suffer from spina bifida. A few years ago, I began to have breathing problems. In fact, I had a severe attack, while driving, that caused me to pull off the road. My husband was a physician. He took me to a very prestigious research hospital in Chicago to be checked out. I was told that my spina bifida had begun to affect my breathing nerves and that my prognosis was not good. A friend, doing research in a new field of atmospheric therapy, told us that the breathing problems were more likely the result of damage done to my airway as the result of numerous surgeries for my pain associated with my spinal condition. To say the least, my husband and I had our doubts. Yet, breathing problems are most frightening, What did we have to lose? I tried the therapy and was surprised at its effectiveness. I used it for a week. I have not had a problem with my breathing since. (K.B., Valparaiso, Indiana)