Assessing Afflictions

We develop our devices to treat obstructive, restrictive lung conditions, and we approach the problem with the understanding that your airways need healing.

Treatment Technology

We have produced a complete line of heat moisture exchangers for use for all ages of people and animals suffering from breathing problems.

Hammond Times News Article (1989)

A woman was involved in a chemical accident and was unconscious for 3-6 months; her hair fell out, and she woke with severe respiratory problems when she asked for help. She put on our machine, sat up, and said: “I can breathe.” In 1-3 weeks all of the junk came out and her doctor said it cleaned her out and she was breathing fine.

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Applied Biomedical Technologies, Inc., of Valparaiso, Indiana, has researched and developed a full line of devices tailored to relieve respiratory stress caused by a full range of pulmonary issues. Our company has been providing improved breathing for customers in their 80’s and 90's since 1998, and we have more than 30 years of experience working on obstructive, restrictive lung conditions. All devices are patent-pending, and if you are interested in buying a device, please call us lo review how to use the product before you purchase.

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