Obstructive and Restrictive Lung Conditions Treated

Applied Biomedical Technologies, Inc., in Valparaiso, Indiana, has developed devices that are capable of treating obstructive, restrictive lung conditions based on our unique understanding of damaged airways. Our distinct approach is effective in treating a wide range of debilitating breathing issues.

Determining Damage

The medical community has been misguided. We were all taught the human airway does three things: it heats, it hydrates, and it filters what we breathe. Obstructive and restrictive lung conditions begin with a damaged airway. The first casualty of a damaged airway is the mucociliary escalator, or mucus transport system. The error which we have all labored under must be exposed and corrected. However, the first casualty of a damaged airway is not the mucus transport system. The first casualty is the job the airway does itself! The first casualty is the ability of our airway to heat, hydrate, and filter what we breathe. This simple truth defines the etiology or cause of obstructive, restrictive lung conditions and defines our treatment requirements. Pulmonary dehydration is the true cause of obstructive, restrictive lung conditions. So, how do we hydrate our airways? We must use molecular or gaseous water. Another term for this is relative humidity. Most current treatments employ aerosols or sub-droplet liquid particles. These actually dehydrate our airways. To what degree do we hydrate? Studies have shown that 100 percent water saturated gasses become therapeutic at about 86 degrees F. They become more efficacious as we near body temperature. There are uses for temperatures even higher when we fight conditions like pneumonia, SARS, MERS, and the avian and swine flus. This insight or understanding is unique to our organization.

Treated Conditions

Our company has a different approach to treating some of the most debilitating obstructive, restrictive lung conditions. Some of the afflictions that our products seek to treat include:

• Asthma
• Emergency Medical Uses (Smoke Inhalation)
• Emphysema
• Hypothermic Conditions
• Sleep Apnea
• Otitis (Ear Infections)
• Sinusitis
• Pneumonia
• Pulmonary Fibrosis

• Exercise-Induced Asthma
• Respiratory Allergies
• Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
• Silicosiderosis (Foundry Man's Disease)
• Voice Care (Singers)
• Chronic Bronchitis
• Black Lung
• Farmer's Lung
• Flight Cabin Atmospheric Conditions