Airway Humidifiers and Heat Moisture Exchangers

Applied Biomedical Technologies, Inc., or ABT, provides healing relief to your respiratory system with our airway humidifiers and heat moisture exchangers. We provide three models of our ABT Humiditherm and the Centurion Transpirator lines of devices

Hydration and Healing

The ABT Humiditherm heats and hydrates our airways for us. It is what we call an extra-corporeal airway, which is an out-of-body airway. Our airway and GI tract, along with our eyelids, nasal passages, sinuses, and Eustachian tubes, are lined with epithelial tissue, which is the fastest healing tissue in the human body. The temperature and hydration gradients in our Earth’s atmosphere are the problems.

Earth's atmosphere is too cool and dry to be Jung compatible in most cases. That is why the airway heats, hydrates, and filters in the first place.

When a person complains of the heat and humidity, it is because our entire body is encased in that atmosphere. The body must find a way to eliminate what we call metabolic heat. This is the heat our own body makes via our beating heart and muscle activity: such as breathing, digestion, and the like. If the body can't eliminate this heat, the body uses an increased heart and respiration rate to eliminate this bodily heat buildup. People with lung conditions are unable to do this efficiently so they become breathing challenged.

The ABT Humiditherm takes the heat and humidity and delivers it directly into your airway, without your entire body being exposed to the temperature and humidity our lungs need. This humidification is a natural bronchodilator allowing the lung sufferer to increase ventilation to blow off more heat. These devices also cause vasodilatation allowing the body to eliminate more body heat by increasing peripheral circulation and using the arms, legs, hands, and feet like heat sinks. A well-recognized example of this is the African elephant using its giant ears and their small blood vessels, along with a near continuous waving motion, to help cool its great body mass.

We have shown that obstructive, restrictive lung conditions may actually be reversed as a result of the technology. We must realize that the lining of the human airway is lined with epithelial tissue, the fastest healing tissue In the body. If the stress placed on the airway by the cool dry atmosphere is relieved, the cause of the condition disappears and the epithelium quickly heals. As you may have already guessed, this technology may change everything we currently believe about chronic lung conditions.

There is one warning all must understand before employing hydrothermal therapy. A scarring of the carotid body (a nerve bundle sitting in the carotid artery bifurcation) can cause a condition of bronchial constriction that will not respond to humidification. If treatment is given to this class of obstructive, restrictive impairments, serious respiratory distress will result. If a client already knows they cannot tolerate a hot shower or suffers life threatening respiratory distress in tile heat, do not employ this technology without professional consultation and testing. This condition is quite uncommon but awareness of it is most important.

Our product line includes:

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Humiditherm I

Our least expensive device, it has no moving parts and is driven by our lungs.


Humiditherm II

Has mild pressure behind the device; it employs a simple fan to provide a low pressure force and features a healed delivery hose.


Humiditherm Ill

Employs a small-bore heated hose and higher pressure pump to provide a relatively high flow rate of between 5 and 50 liters per minute via a nasal prong. It is not yet available for sale.


Centurion Transpirator II

It can be used by horses or other large animals. The device heals and hydrates air, but it is capable of pulling out hydration at 110 Fahrenheit at 320 liters per minute. Contact Centurion Systems tor current pricing.